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Together, Terri & Terry Patterson took over ownership as the 4th generation sugar makers of Patterson Farms in Sabinsville, Pennsylvania. Terry's father, Richard, passed away in 2017. Richard would be proud to see them keeping his legacy alive by accomplishing plans he had for the farm before he passed, as well as bringing some of their own ideas to the business. Patterson Farms is the largest producer in Pennsylvania, and boasts over 80,000 taps! To maximize efficiency, they recently purchased three 12' x 20' CDL Stainless Steel Sap Silos.

The silos can be fed from top or bottom. The bottom is sloped for full drainage, and is equipped with a washing system. Each silo can hold 17,000 gallons. Trucks will unload sap into the first silo, where it will then run through a sand filter into the second silo. Filtering the sap before it runs through the RO will prolong the life of their membranes and prefilters. The third silo will hold permeate from the RO for cleaning.

Effective 4/28/21, please notice our increased gallon (+$4) and half gallon (+$2) syrup prices. Thank you for your understanding.

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Terri and Terry Patterson, 4th generation maple producers at Patterson Farms, give some insight on their family business, the growth it has seen over the years, the amazing products they have available, and the sights you get to see when visiting.

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We are now accepting beef orders. Please call us or contact us for availability of freezer beef!

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We offer a variety of different gift baskets and boxes which make the perfect gift for any occasion. There are so many yummy options. The baskets can also be customized upon request! Please feel free to check them out and let us know if you need any assistance or recommendations.

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Maple goes with more than just pancakes. Check out our recipe page!

Maple Storage, Nutrition, and Allergen Information

Corn Allergy

Do you or someone you know have a corn allergy?

No problem! We offer corn-free packaging upon request. Simply choose 'corn-free-packaging' in checkout or contact us about your order below.

Health Benefits

Did you know maple syrup has numerous health benefits?

That's right! Compared to other syrups and many other foods, maple syrup is healthier with many health benefits.

Shelf Life

Want to make sure your maple syrup and products last?

We have a bunch of tips on storing your syrup and maple products. Ensure your maple stays fresh!

Syrup Grades

Prior to 2015, each state had a maple syrup grading system of its own. In 2015, the USDA went through the process and developed a uniform grading system. This is now the standard to go by. Please use this chart for conversion from the old PA system to the new US system.


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Our Goal

We take pride in producing the finest quality maple syrup, cream, candy, sugar, gift baskets, and much more, all for those who enjoy the pure taste of nature's premium sweetness.

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